Walkover (w/o) Wins

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In sports, a "walkover" (abbreviated as "w/o") occurs when a player or team is declared the winner of a match without having to compete because the opponent is unable or unwilling to play. This can happen for various reasons, including injury, disqualification, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The term "walkover" is commonly used in tournaments and leagues to maintain the flow of competition despite unexpected withdrawals. When a walkover is granted, the match is recorded as a win for the player or team that remains in the competition, while the opponent receives a loss.

Exclusion from Streaks and Records In many sports statistics, walkover wins are excluded from calculations of winning streaks and records. This is because they do not reflect an actual competitive victory. For example, a note in sports records might state: "At least five wins streaks. Excluding w/o games." This indicates that only matches won through actual play are counted towards the winning streak.

Examples[edit | edit source]

American Football (ELF): If a team is unable to field enough players for a game due to unforeseen circumstances such as a health crisis or severe rule violations, the opposing team may be awarded a walkover win and the game is not played.

Team Sports: In other team sports like soccer or basketball tournaments, similar rules apply where the inability of a team to compete results in a walkover victory for the opponent.

Significance[edit | edit source]

Walkover wins ensure the progression of tournaments and leagues by dealing with unforeseen absences in a structured manner. However, the exclusion of these wins from personal and team statistics emphasizes the importance of actual competitive performance in assessing skill and achievement.

Controversies and Considerations[edit | edit source]

While walkovers are a necessary administrative tool, they can sometimes lead to disputes, especially if a player or team feels unfairly disadvantaged by the circumstances leading to a walkover. Organizing bodies typically have rules in place to handle these situations fairly and consistently.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Walkover wins (w/o) play a crucial role in the administration of competitive sports, allowing events to proceed smoothly despite interruptions. However, their exclusion from streaks and records maintains the integrity of statistical achievements, ensuring they reflect true competitive performance.

w/o wins in the ELF[edit | edit source]

Leipzig Kings[edit | edit source]

After the Leipzig Kings' license was revoked, the Competition Committee decided that the games already played by the Kings would remain in the standings, while the games not played would be counted as victories for the respective opponents. After consultation with the participants, the following regulation was found for the game results:

  • Due to the one-sided cancellation of the game by the Kings, the game against the Prague Lions will still be scored 35-0 in favor of the Lions.
  • The second legs will be scored with the same results as the first leg. Exception: The result against the Fehérvár Enthroners will be reversed so that the Enthroners win the game.
  • Both games against the Cologne Centurions are scored with the result 16:16 and attributed to the Centurions as a win. Justification: This corresponded to the average number of points scored by the Centurions at the time of the decision.
Week Date Away Score Home
6 08.07.2023 Prague Lions 35-0 Leipzig Kings
7 15.07.2023 Leipzig Kings 16-16 Cologne Centurions
8 23.07.2023 Leipzig Kings 6-31 Panthers Wrocław
9 30.07.2023 Vienna Vikings 47-14 Leipzig Kings
11 12.08.2023 Leipzig Kings 24-47 Fehérvár Enthroners
12 19.08.2023 Cologne Centurions 16-16 Leipzig Kings
13 27.08.2023 Leipzig Kings 14-39 Berlin Thunder

Prague Lions[edit | edit source]

Before the eighth matchday of the 2023 season, it became public that the Lions were in financial difficulties. As one of the consequences of this was that salary payments were not being made, the players decided in a vote against playing the away game against the Fehérvár Enthroners.

A few days later, on July 25, both the Lions and the ELF announced that match operations were guaranteed for the 2023 season.

Week Date Away Score Home
8 23.07.2023 Prague Lions 0-35 Fehérvár Enthroners