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ELF Overtime rules[edit | edit source]

Overtime rules in the ELF are the same as in college football (NCAA).

At the end of the fourth period of regulation time, the referees and team captains shall meet for another coin toss. The captain of the visiting team may call the coin toss. The winner of the coin toss may choose one of two options:

  1. play offense or defense
  2. which end of the field will be used for both overtime periods. There is no shifting option in college overtime. The team that loses the coin toss must choose the remaining option.

First period of overtime[edit | edit source]

In overtime, each drive starts at the opponent's 25-yard line. Each offensive team has one possession to score a touchdown or field goal. The time the possession lasts does not matter.

The team that gets the ball second then has one attempt to match or exceed what the opponent has managed. The drive can start at a hash mark or between hash marks.

Second overtime period[edit | edit source]

If the score is tied after the first overtime, each team gets another chance to score from the 25-yard line in the second overtime.

Either way, in the second overtime, each team that scores a touchdown must also attempt a two-point conversion.

Third Period of Overtime[edit | edit source]

Once the game reaches three overtimes, the teams alternate on offense and attempt a 2-point conversion instead of starting a drive at the 25-yard line.

Additional overtimes may be played until a winner is determined.

Timeouts[edit | edit source]

Each team has one timeout per overtime period. They are not carried over to the next period. If a timeout is used between two overtime periods, it counts as a team's only timeout in the next overtime period.

Games decided in overtime[edit | edit source]

Season Gameday Date Away Home OT1 OT2 OT3
2022 4 26 June 2022 Hamburg Sea Devils 26 23 Panthers Wrocław FG-0
2022 6 10 July 2022 Panthers Wrocław 25 31 Berlin Thunder 0-0 0-TD
2022 6 10 July 2022 Frankfurt Galaxy 26 20 Stuttgart Surge 0-0 0-0 TD-0
2022 9 31 July 2022 Istanbul Rams 26 29 Hamburg Sea Devils FG-TD
2023 6 9 July 2023 Barcelona Dragons 19 22 Helvetic Guards 0-0 0-FG
2023 8 23 July 2023 Milano Seamen 24 31 Helvetic Guards 0-TD+XP