Team shortcuts


The teams' abbreviations are combined into hashtags on social media. The abbreviations below apply in the ELF.

The 2 abbreviations in a hashtag are separated by a lowercase "at".

The away team is always named first, followed by "at" and the home team.

Example: The Barcelona Dragons play at the Berlin Thunder. The hashtag would be: #BDRatBTH

Team shortcuts
Team Abbreviation
Barcelona Dragons BDR
Berlin Thunder BTH
Cologne Centurions CCE
Fehérvár Enthroners ENT
Frankfurt Galaxy FGY
Hamburg Sea Devils HSD
Helvetic Guards HVG
Leipzig Kings LKG
Milano Seamen MIL
Munich Ravens MUC
Paris Musketeers PAR
Prague Lions PRG
Rhein Fire RHF
Stuttgart Surge SRG
Raiders Tirol RAI
Vienna Vikings VIK
Panthers Wrocław WPA